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About The Program

In an increasingly interconnected world, software undergirds everything from financial systems to public utilities. As this code enables modern life and drives productivity, it also creates an expanding attack surface for malicious actors. But advances in modern technology provide a path towards addressing the cybersecurity dilemma. The past decade has seen the development of promising new AI-enabled capabilities. When used responsibly, this new technology has significant potential to help address key societal challenges , like cybersecurity.

The Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge (AIxCC) is a two-year competition asking the best and brightest in AI and cybersecurity to defend the software on which all Americans rely. AIxCC will ask competitors to design novel AI systems to secure this critical code and will award a cumulative $29.5 million in prizes to teams with the best systems, including $7 million in prizes to small businesses to empower entrepreneurial innovation during the initial phase of AIxCC.

AIxCC will bring together leading AI companies that will work with DARPA to make their cutting-edge technology available to challenge competitors. Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI will collaborate with DARPA to enable competitors to develop state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems.

AIxCC is collaborating closely with the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a project of the Linux Foundation, to guide teams in creating AI systems capable of addressing vital cybersecurity issues, such as the security of critical infrastructure and software supply chains. Most software, and thus most of the code needing protection, is open-source software, often developed by community-driven volunteers. Further, open-source software comprises most of the code running on critical infrastructure in the United States today, including the electricity and telecommunications sectors.

AIxCC competitions will occur at one of the world’s top cybersecurity conferences, DEF CON. The semifinal competition will be at DEF CON 2024, and the final competition at DEF CON 2025, with the top prize of $4 million.